Our Services

We will assist your family throughout the entire methodical process of obtaining the appropriate services for your child. Additionally, we will initiate and maintain consistent communication with not only your family but the school in order to ensure that the plan is being followed with integrity throughout the school year. Our goal is to create a strategic plan to close the gap between their current and desired performance. Every family is at a different stage of this process, and we will be able to determine the best course of action for your child’s individualized needs through a free 60 minute consultation.

Free consultations

Free 60 minute consultations.

Back to School IEP Review

Back to school IEP review and communication with school personnel to help them best understand needs of your child.

Social Emotional Coaching

Small Group or Individualized social-emotional coaching to children.

Classroom Observations

Goal Development​

Development of IEP goals.

Record Review


Behavior Intervention Plans.

IEP Meetings

Attendance at IEP, 504, domain, 3 year revaluations and all types of meetings.

Engagement With Parents

Guest speaking engagements to parent groups.​

Phone Consults


Communication with school personnel.

Eligibility Determination

Determination of Eligibility

All clients will receive monthly contact from S.M.A.R.T Kids Consulting for the entirety of the school year.   

This serves to make sure the plan is successful and is being followed with integrity.

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