Our Philosophy

All children can see and feel success in the school environment. Additionally, there are keys that unlock each and every child’s true potential. No child consciously chooses to struggle in their academic and functional performance; therefore, the keys to unlock their true potential must be identified.

In the medical world, a tremendous amount of observation, questioning, problem-solving and feedback must be completed before a patient can receive the appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan. To parallel this, the special education world requires the same process and must be completed methodically.

By nature, children are eager to please those around them. It is important to not assume that children have the skills necessary to navigate through academics, social interactions, executive functioning, emotions and regulating their senses and impulses. We must ensure that their current level of performance is dissected correctly in order to meet their needs through eligibility, accommodations, related services, direct service minutes and SMART goals. If a team takes the time to understand not only how a student is currently performing but why that is so, an appropriate plan can be developed and placed into action. An appropriate plan, that is followed with integrity, will allow the student to see and feel success consistently in their educational setting.

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